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More than Just an MC

Event Weddings supplies Australia's only Chinese/English premium wedding MC service. It provides a comprehensive MC service that is a lot more than just having someone to tell you what's happening next. All our MCs are highly trained and qualified to create great atmosphere by hosting in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. We will also help you professionally draft out a customised runsheet and help you stage manage everything on your wedding day so that you can relax and enjoy.

Event Weddings provides Australia's only premium MC service.
The job of a premium wedding MC is one of the highest pressure roles in a wedding event. The minimum requirement of the job is to create great atmosphere and speak fluent Chinese and English. However, there is a lot more to the job and our ultimate goal is that you can enjoy your wedding day and to make your wedding planning process easier!

Sample Videos

Sy (Cantonese & English) Sy (Mandarin & English) Ivy (Cantonese & English)
Service Description (English) Service Description (Cantonese)  

Professional Cantonese, Mandarin and English wedding hosting

All our professional senior wedding MCs are from a radio or stage background who are highly talented in their own languages. In particular, our senior Chinese English wedding MC Sy Chung has been a radio host with SBS Radio/TV for 10 years.

By speaking in Cantonese, Mandarin and English on your wedding day, we will ensure that all your guests are comfortable and feel welcome. We will create great atmosphere, whether you want your wedding to be stylish and personal, or more like a big party.

As professionals MCs, we will make sure that all the attention goes to you, the bride and groom and other people who are honoured on the night and never ourselves, as many amateur MCs tend to do. There will be no embarrassing stories and our job is to make you look good. We also have a zero-alcohol policy.

Complete Reception Planning Service

Event Weddings is born from a media/staging background with 10 years of experience at SBS Radio/TV. We have received professional training to an international standard in event planning and production. We understand the science behind putting together a great event. We understand that proper planning for the event and having the right rundown formula is paramount in creating your perfect wedding day.

When you go to a wedding venue or go online, you will certainly find sample runsheets for your wedding. However through hosting hundreds of weddings, we have identified 25 different kinds of Chinese weddings, all of which require a different runsheet.

In our initial meeting, we will get to know you and run a 20 point checklist to find out which wedding programme suits you the best. We learn something new at every wedding, and we continuously update these runsheets and create new ones.

When helping you plan your wedding event, we specialise in the following:
   ●   Taking care of Chinese cultural elements to your wedding
   ●   Adjusting runsheets to cater for specifics of each venue (serving speed, parking etc)
   ●   Strategies to ensure your guests arrive on time particularly in larger weddings
   ●   Strategies to protect the groom during wine toasting
   ●   Managing complicated family situations
   ●   Strategies to help guests stay until the end
   ●   Strategies to maximise guest cooperation and participation
   ●   Managing audience mood flow

Complete Wedding Day Service Coordination

A premium wedding MC service is not just getting up and introducing what is happening next. Your wedding MC fulfills the role of your wedding coordinator on your wedding day. This role is distinct from the "wedding coordinator" included with your venue package who is mainly in charge of ensuring the delivery of food service.

In many weddings where amateur MCs or lower-tier MCs are used, the bride need to tap him on the shoulder to let him know what he needs to do, and these MCs also often start programmes without informing other services particularly photographers and videographers, and as a result important shots are missed.

Event Weddings MCs have taken their stage experience skills in major events such as concerts held at the Entertainment Centre and other large scale events with over 50,000 attendance to your wedding day. We will put you at ease and help you take care of all your wedding suppliers and coordinate all timings with the venue to make sure all your services work well together and on time. We will also help you coordinate everyone who is involved with your wedding party such as parents, bridal party and family members.

Before the start of the event, we will arrive 1-2 hours early to check all your services to make sure that everything is available. As wedding planners, these 1-2 hours gives us enough time to help you make corrections. For example in the past we have helped with undelivered cakes, wrongly spelt names on computer presentations and bringing in a AV and technical team within an hour.

A perfect wedding day is not necessary one where everything goes to plan. It is a fact that no event ever goes exactly to plan and changes are always made on the day, and the decisions you make affect the quality of the event. Our experience helps us make better decisions, and when an experienced team makes a decision on the day, your guests won't notice.

Translation & Interpretation

To ensure that your guests all know what is going on, our professional MC service includes interpretations for speeches as required.

Looking After the Details

Our job is to make things easier for you so we will help you look after all the little details. They include things like helping you and your family put together your wedding speeches and toasts, helping you with organising the signing in and reception table processes based on your venue and guest numbers so that you have an easy and efficient signing in process, and many other little bits and pieces that come up in relation to your reception preparation.


Wedding MC Service Packages

Complete Reception MC & Stage Management Package From $580*

  1. Complete MC Service at reception
  2. Multilingual MC and translations provided
  3. Full rundown (programme) drafting and event planning
  4. Complete wedding services coordination at reception
  5. Initial planning meeting & Final (wedding planning stage 5) meeting
  6. Professional advice and special offers from network suppliers

* Discounted unspecified MC rate at $580, +$100 for specified MC.  Additional charges may apply for weddings outside of metro Sydney (subject to location), large weddings (subject to on number).

Wedding Ceremony Coordination Service From $600

  1. Full coordination of Chinese tea ceremony
  2. Complete coordination of wedding ceremony including:
    Confirming full runsheet for wedding ceremony
    Ensuring correct set up of all ceremony decorations
    Briefing with celebrant on rundown
    Ensure arrival of all suppliers and important guests
    Briefing for of full bridal party and witnesses
    Coordinate with driver for car arrival
    Assist marching in of bridal party
    Guests policing as required
    Coordinating of Post-ceremony photos
    General timekeeping

Complete Reception MC, Stage Management & AVS Package From $1280*

  1. Complete MC Service at reception
  2. Multilingual MC and translations provided
  3. Full rundown (programme) drafting and event planning
  4. Complete wedding services coordination at reception
  5. Initial planning meeting & Final (wedding planning stage 5) meeting
  6. Professional advice and special offers from network suppliers
  7. Premium AVS (AV & Production) Service for up to 200 guest

    * Based on discounted unspecified MC rate at $580, +$100 for specified MC.  Additional charges may apply for weddings outside of metro Sydney (subject to location), large weddings (subject to on number).

Celebrant + Reception MC & Stage Management Service From $1280

  1. Wedding Ceremony Service
  2. Complete Reception MC & Stage Management Service
    Complete MC Service at reception
    Multilingual MC and translations provided
    Full rundown (programme) drafting and event planning
    Complete wedding services coordination at reception
    Initial planning meeting & Final (wedding planning stage 5) meeting
    Professional advice and special offers from network suppliers

* Based on discounted unspecified MC rate at $580, +$100 for specified MC.  Additional charges may apply for weddings outside of metro Sydney (subject to location), large weddings (subject to on number). Price excludes government filing fees.


Don't Forget Sound

Have you been to a wedding where you are sitting right next to a speaker and it's too loud, or you're sitting in the back of the room and can't hear anything? Have you been in a place where the sound wasn't working and the projector screen is playing up - maybe in a company presentation? This is the last thing that you want to see in your own wedding.

Good AV service is something that is frequently neglected in any event. It's one of those things where when they have done a good job, no one notices, but if they have done a bad job, everyone knows.

Professional Wedding DJ & Sound Services

Wedding music is an interesting part of the wedding. Very rarely do people say, "Hey that sound was great" if they go to an event. It is only when the sound quality is bad that your guests will notice. It is the role of our sound engineers to remain unnoticed, and create high quality sound for your wedding.

Our philosophy of wedding sound and music is simple - we aim to provide comfortable, clear, crisp high quality sound for your all guests. This means that we will provide sufficient speakers for your event, meaning that we wouldn't have a situation where loud sound is being blasted into the ears of those sitting close, and those sitting back hears nothing.

We provide professional Shure Beta58 microphones for professionals who are familiar with how to use a microphone and Shure SM58 for guests who are not familiar with using microphones so that all guests can hear what is happening. Our professional team surpasses all wedding sound standards, and our equipment are state of the art. In most weddings, we even provide fold-back systems to ensure that your performers stay in tune.

We provide both English and Chinese music and we simplify the music selection process for you so that your guests will comfortable enjoy all the music in the night.

Being in the radio industry since 2005, Sy Chung and his team is passionate about good sound quality. Starting out as a professional MC and stage manager, Sy knows that the only person that directly affects his work are the people doing sound. In the past we have dealt with microphones that feedback (awful high pitched sound) throughout the night, microphones with non-adjustable frequencies that clash with nearby systems, corded microphones with a short lead, DJs who go out to smoke no less than 10 times during a reception, DJs who play wrong tracks, DJs who arrive 5 minutes before everything starts or late, DJs who have fallen asleep on the job and even one that was drunk. Ask any other professional MC, and they would agree with all this!

Many DJs think that their night begins when the dance floor opens, but for many brides and grooms, they are OK for the DJ to play pre-mixes as long as they keep a check on the sound system throughout the night.

Our professional sound engineers on the other hand are trained in their work. Our current sound engineer teams pride themselves in the fact that we have never had a microphone feed once during a wedding function with us because of their stringent frequency checks and setting up that go for up to an hour before an event. Our team members have set up systems in a number of restaurants and function centres around Sydney, and has monitored sound for large concerts including ones held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

Wedding Sound Service Packages

Complete Reception Sound Package (Sydney $880, Melbourne: $680)

  1. Complete Sound monitoring service throughout reception
  2. Wedding music and audio control
  3. All equipment provided for up to 200 guests (max 6 speakers)
  4. 2 wireless handheld Shure brand microphones
  5. 1 wireless interconnect unit
  6. Providing all music and music list

Other Services

  1. Complete Projector Services (Overhead projector set, screen, projector table, laptop) hire ($450)
  2. Coloured parcan mood lighting system (See Decorations Page)
  3. Dry ice machine hire, setup and operator ($550)

Contact Us

We are here to help you create a perfect and stress-free wedding from start to finish. We'd love to hear from you and we are looking forward to make your special day absolutely amazing!

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