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Sydney's most Trusted Asian Wedding Planner

Event Weddings is Sydney’s most trusted name in Asian wedding planning with offices in Hong Kong.

Our company first began in corporate event management and media production. Amongst our clients are national Australian Government TV/Radio Station SBS, the City of Sydney Council, the NSW Government and over 10 Sydney local governments.

Since 2006, we have hosted 400 wedding events the organiser of Australia’s first and only Chinese wedding expo event and the publishers of the E+Wedding Magazine, Australia’s only English Asian wedding magazine.

We are famous for creativity and production management and we will ensure that all our couples will relax and enjoy their wedding planning process and their wedding day.

Our No Stress Guarantee

There are a few reasons why planning a wedding is so stressful: First, you don't know all the things that you need to do and how to best do it. Second, you don't know how much everything costs and whether you have done everything, so you wake up in the middle of the night remembering that you've forgotten something. Third, there's always the stress of high pressure sales situations. We understand the stresses wedding couples feel, and our goal is to make sure that you don't need to have these stresses.

We are Real Wedding Planners, not Stylists

Since 2006, we have been known for excellence in corporate event management and production, serving some of the biggest names in Sydney. Although we have in-house stylists and designers, we are event planners first. Our difference is that we are most concerned about your planning process, focusing on operations and logistics, ensuring that your wedding process is smooth and well planned. We will help you design a personalised to-do list so that you know everything you need is completely covered so you don’t wake up in the middle of the night worrying that you might have forgotten something.

We help you keep your budget

One of the most stressful things about wedding planning is the financial stress. Most couples try to set a budget but how do you know how much everything should cost and whether you’ve missed anything? At Event Weddings, we will help you run through an exhaustive list of everything you need for the big day. Most Wedding Planners charge a set wedding planning fee plus a finder’s fee of 10-20%. This means that planners are often rewarded for helping couples find the most expensive choice available. We do not charge finders fees and instead have networks with Sydney’s most popular venues and suppliers which guarantee us a best price guarantee* and extra VIP benefits for booking through us.

Peace of Mind with Wedding Insurance

All our paid wedding planning packages is covered by Dream Wedding Insurance via Lloyd's of London. Our wedding couples are covered for (1) Cancellation and Postponement $5000, (2) Rescheduling of Wedding $3000, (3) Wedding Attire and Rings $2000, (4) Wedding Gifts $2000, (5) Supplier failure $3000, (6) Wedding Cars and Transport $1500, (7) Equipment Hire $1000 and (8) Personal Liability $5 million.


We are Always Available

Your dedicated Wedding Planner at Event Weddings will follow up your entire wedding process. We know most of our couples work full time, so we make ourselves available up to midnight by appointment on weekdays.

Wedding Planning Packages

Wedding Planning Trial (Free)


The free wedding planning trial gives our couples an idea of how things are like when planning a wedding with Event Weddings. You will experience a comfortable and stress free environment where we will listen to you and provide advice for your individual situation and circumstance. Included in this service is our Premium VIP card where our couples can access discounts to some of Sydney's best wedding suppliers, as well as the enjoyment of our free venues service if you haven't already chosen your wedding location. Everyone who plans their wedding starts by asking some of their friends who have just been married because they have the experience. So why not talk to us because we have the collective experiences of over 400 weddings! This service is purely about setting you up to win as you plan your wedding. We would love to be able to plan your wedding for you, but we are also happy to put you in contact with suppliers that match your needs. Find out more from us plus our no pressure guarantee.

Silver Wedding Planning & Wedding Insurance ($2800/FREE*)

This is our most popular package with busy couples who want to organise their own wedding but don't want to waste any time. Our silver package is a consultancy service where we will help you create a customised to-do list that we have personally designed for you based on your situation. There are 5 structured meetings where we will help you go through a to-do list of everything that you need to do and how to do it. We provide tailored advice because no two weddings are the same. It includes: (1) initial meeting: an overview of the wedding planning process, (2) Roadmaps meeting: an overview of what needs to be done and when, (3) Programme meeting: designing your programme and timings for the big day, (4) Details meeting: mainly focusing on decorations, styling and design and (5) Final meeting: where we ensure all your details are looked after. Of course, we will look after all the services that you have booked through us. But for any services not booked through us, we will give you all the tools so that you know exactly what you need to do through your wedding planning process as we lead you by the hand.
* Service credits apply when booking with Event Weddings' in-house services. Inquire for details.


Gold Wedding Planning & Wedding Insurance (From $4800)

This package is designed for very busy wedding couples that do not want to do any of the organising themselves. In this package, we will help you organise everything from start to finish including the nitty gritties like putting candies into bomboniere boxes. With this package, you can just let go and allow us to handle everything for you according to your specifications. Just turn up on the day and be impressed!

Stand Alone Wedding Consultation Services (From $300)

Sometimes couples are just stuck with something that is complicated, they have asked around and got different answers and it is just difficult to make a decision. This is where our stand alone wedding consultation comes in. Each consultation lasts up to 3 hours of very detailed wedding planning and consultation. This service can be used with free wedding planning services and is about helping you solve issues in your wedding planning process. (1) The roadmaps meeting is at the beginning of your wedding planning process where we will help you plan out what you need to do with your wedding planning process. Everyone's plan is different and we help you determine the best for you. (2) Our runsheet drafting service will help you put together your programme for your entire day and the reception. This can be one of the most complicated but overlooked parts of the wedding. Most problems that occur in weddings happen because of bad programme planning. Planning time poorly can have immediate costs such as time extensions required with service suppliers. (3) The pre-wedding checklist occurs about a month before the wedding day. Many couples are nervous about what they may have forgotten leading up to the wedding day. Put your fears to rest by meeting with us. We will help you run through the entire checklist to make sure you have covered all your bases. (4) If none of the above are your issues, speak to us and we are always here to help!

On-site wedding planner coordination (From $150/hr)

We can do as much planning as we want, but the actual event rarely occurs exactly to plan. For a stress free wedding, a coordinator on site for any or the entire wedding day can make a significant difference on the big day. A wedding planner has years of experience the experiences of hundreds of weddings to make the right call for you when the unexpected happens. It is important for a wedding to be well planned, but any event planner will tell you that the unexpected is always expected. The on-site coordination service will be a step ahead of you to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and that the best decision is made when the unexpected happens.

Contact Us

We are here to help you create a perfect and stress-free wedding from start to finish. We'd love to hear from you and we are looking forward to make your special day absolutely amazing!

TEL (Aus): 1300 321 228 / +614 3434 5670
TEL (Int): (+614) 3434 5670
TEL (HK) (+852) 3018 4858
Email :
Address: Sydney Office:
Gleneagles House, 34 Pennant Hills Rd, North Parramatta
(Cnr Pennant Hills Rd & Bellevue St)
  Hong Kong Office: Suite 2611, Office Tower,
Langham Place, Kowloon
Hours: Open 7 Days 11AM-11PM by appointment only

Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

  1. This is what Wedding Planners Do Best: Many brides will tell you how difficult it is to organise a wedding, so it is in your interest to leave the hard yards to professionals. A wedding is not too different from an awards presentation and gala dinner. A typical event as such hosting 100-300 people would have a committee of 5-10 professional people planning the event over several weeks. What makes wedding planning so difficult is that many couples today are working full time, and by the time they get off work all the shops are closed.

  2. Wedding Planners know What to Do and Not do: Most couples make it a priority to ask a married friend their tips for holding a successful wedding, and we're sure that they will tell you a whole bunch of things to avoid, and things that they would have done differently. This is great, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Professional wedding planners like Event Weddings help over 50 couples a year and we know what will go wrong, what works and what doesn't.

  3. Wedding Planners know the Right Suppliers: Wedding planners stake their reputation on the level of services provided by the suppliers that they recommend. So they are likely to only recommend people who are recognised in the industry.

  4. Wedding Planners are great even for people who want to plan their own weddings: A wedding planner could seldom do everything for you, and at the end of the day the bride and groom still needs to do a lot of the leg work, even if there is a wedding planner. For example we cannot help you who everybody should seat but we can tell you how seating should be arranged and why; we can't be the one who tells your friends and relatives to give speeches, but we can tell you what they should say in their speeches; we can't choose a wedding dress for you but we can give you the options that are available. In some occasions, a bride and groom comes and asks a question that has been bothering them for a month, and straight away I give them an answer after asking a few questions that seem irrelevant - I think you get the idea! Or to put it in another way, we are like tutors who point you to the right direction so that you don't waste time on things you don't need.

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