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Event Weddings is Sydney's leading wedding One Stop Shop specialising in all-in-one value packages. Since 2011 we have planned over 1000 weddings.

We have everything that you need for your wedding all in one place: wedding planner, coordinator, celebrant, stylist, bridal gowns, suits, makeup artist, MC, DJ and more.

And Yes, all our packages are fully customisable which means that you can take out things you don't need, add options, and tailor individual services to suit your preferences.

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Why Couples Choose Us

1. Convenience: We aim to save you over 100 hours of planning. We are the go-to place for busy professionals. Because you're getting everything done in the same place, you enjoyed consistent streamlined services thereby saving hundreds of hours of work. We also offer the option for you to use external suppliers if required.

2. Exceptional value: We aim to save you thousands of dollars. When you book a full package with, you enjoy exceptional value. Full package including planning, coordination, celebrant, MC, sound service, full ceremony and reception styling, bridal flowers, bridal gown, groom's suit for keeps, wedding cake, invitations and more for just $9880.

3. A hassle-free experience: We aim to help you minimise stress and sleepless nights. Our customers benefit from the collective experience of 1000 couples that came before you.  We will prepare a plan for you that is complete with all minor details covered.

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Our Core Principles

The planner-client relationship is a close partnership. We are driven by the following priorities, and if these things are important to you too, you just might be at the right place!

"I Still need to do this" and "I still haven't done that" is a big source of planning stress. This is why we value completeness.

Our package inclusions are designed to be complete, with everything you need ready to go, not forgetting any small detail. Everything has been thoroughly thought through to ensure that you don't have anything else to worry about. 

We have a 250 point checklist of everything you need to do for your wedding based on the collective experience of 1000 couples that came before you

When you're on a package with us, you enjoy economies of scale and a best value guarantee.

Our couples save an average 40% based on similar comparable services when booking a full package with us. Our packages are strategically designed with cost-effectiveness, completeness and presentability in mind to suit most budgets, with a large variety of flexible options available to create a wow factor.

They say planning a wedding takes 200-500 hours. When you're on a full package with us, we don't expect our couples to have to spend more than 30 hours to plan their wedding.

Our all-in-one service is convenient and streamlined, saving you time, hassle and stress, you don't need to tell the same story 10 times and go to 10 different meetings several times, or explain your arrangements with other suppliers because we already know.

We frequently help couples plan complete full day weddings within 60 days or less, and simple weddings within a month.

We are a uniquely solutions based events team and our main goal is to make sure that the job gets done presentably and as promised.

Our package inclusions, planning mission and general presentation are designed to be practical, well-presented, non-controversial and risk adverse, with a variety of options available, as well as the flexibility to source anything else externally as required.

With a wealth of experience of 1000 previous weddings, we are your professional consultant to help you consider realities and assess risks. Each area of your wedding will be thoroughly considered, helping you weigh up pros and cons, costs, realities and even long term considerations before decisions are made.

We aim to have an open, honest and transparent relationship with all our clients. This incldues:

Price transparency: All prices including potential additions will be clearly communicated in our proposals to avoid sudden surprises.

No Pressure Guarantee: We don’t do high pressure sales and trust you to make the best decision

Trial service: We offer trials immediately after booking for key services including  photography, bridal styling, gown hire and cakes for your peace of mind, and can be removed if not suitable

We make no markups or commissions on external suppliers: We choose suppliers based on reliability and service based on the collective experience of 1000 weddings. We do not run a commission based on business, and we understand how these arrangements can affect trust. As such, we do not make markups or commissions, in fact we give clients access to all exclusive suppliers discounts.

We can't be everything to everybody. We are transparent about our limits, and what can and cannot be done. We prefer to be cautious rather than to overpromise.

Meet our Wedding Planners

Sy Chung is the Executive Events Producer and Wedding Planner at Event Weddings, a Registered Marriage Celebrant and a Justice of the Peace. He is a seasoned national radio presenter with a background in law, best known for his work at SBS PopAsia and SBS Cantonese. He was also a director and executive producer of multilingual programmes at Sydney's 2RDJ FM, and has been featured in Sydney's 2GB, and a number of leading radio stations in both Australia and Hong Kong. With a successful 10 year career in broadcasting, his strong stage presence and multilingual skills are widely recognised, making him one of Sydney's most sought after multilingual MC and planner. Sy's extensive experience in TV and Radio where he had to know everything from project management: planning and hosting live events, to photo and video editing, setting up and monitoring a broadcast quality sound system, learning the art of transitioning a a studio set (which is a big part of what wedding styling is all about) and more has become very useful. From a young age Sy has been passionate about event planning, and there is nowhere else he'd rather be!

Sy Chung (JP, CMC, LLB)
Executive Event Planner, Marriage Celebrant

Ivy Leung is the Executive Events Producer, Chief Stylist and Head of Operations at Event Weddings. Wedding planning is all about logistics, organisation and coordination and as the Head of Operations at Event Weddings, she has the most integral job of looking after the back end of every single event ensuring that the front end looks perfect. She is also our in-house certified florist and stylist responsible for keeping everything modern, beautiful but affordable. Before becoming one of Sydney's best event planners specialising in weddings, Ivy was a corporate and government events professional putting her talent to use in both in the planning room, and on stage for some of Sydney's larges community events, and her clients include the Sydney City Council, and the Fairfield City Council. Ivy is also one of Sydney's most sought after MCs, and can speak natural English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Ivy is your ideal choice as a wedding planner who is meticulous and graceful, she has a consultative style to wedding planning and can be a great listening ear as you plan your big day.

Ivy Leung
Executive Event Planner, Chief Stylist, Head of Operations

Clients' Feedback

"Absolutely wonderful in every way! I can't thank Sy, Ivy, and the Events Weddings team enough. I started planning our wedding 16 months in advance, I thought I was super organised and would't need much assistance... I was wrong. Let me tell you the amount of support Sy provided completely exceeded our expectations and we seriously couldn't have had such a perfect wedding day (and lead up to the wedding) without him. He is SO organised, thoughtful, and attentive to every need! He was always one step ahead of EVERYTHING. I quickly felt I could put my complete trust in him and that's a big deal for the control freak I became during wedding planning. By the time the wedding came Sy felt like he was part of the family. It was amazing having someone I fully trusted run our wedding. He was our wedding planner, Celebrant, and MC. He created a fun and relaxed vibe at the party, and included everyone with his multilingual translations. We received several compliments on how on top of things he was and on his warm personality. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect down to every detail, and we have Sy and the team to thank for that. He really went above and beyond to deliver an exceptional experience. We can't recommend him enough! We can't thank him enough!"

P H 

Google Review

"Sy and Ivy at Event Weddings were amazing wedding planners. The frequency in communication and suggestions and ideas proposed to us were all fantastic, and made the whole process of getting married as stress-free and easy as possible. Everything was a breeze, and we had clear instructions at all times as to what to prepare and a way to be held accountable for anything else that we needed to do (which was almost nothing, because Event Weddings takes care of as much as possible!) My wife and I had an amazing time, and not only were we delighted and impressed with Sy during the ceremony and reception, but as were the guests. Everyone there thought that Sy (and Event Wedding Staff) did an amazing job not just with the setup, but with Sy's charisma and public speaking, and with getting the guests excited and coordinating and instructing them on what to do to make sure the event flowed. Everyone knows that Event Weddings was behind everything, and it's all been great feedback. Thanks again!"

Alex S


"Where do I even begin with how wonderful Sy and his team is? I was so worried coming in for an event planner meeting after everyone told me I don’t need one giving my organisational skills. I am so glad I didn’t listen and went to see Sy. He does these amazing packages and at great prices - the more you package the easier and better it is for you. He delivers what he promises and he is realistic and helps guide you when you need it. He sourced beautiful unique flowers for my bouquet, he managed to help me with a surprise video, his responses are quick, he is flexible and he literally does it all! If Sy could plan every single event I have, I would be so happy. But alas, he does weddings only - and he is so incredibly amazing at it. He is a Jack of all trades - and master of them all. He is fully transparent with what he can offer and does offer alternatives and is open to linking up with other vendors. The bumps we experienced on our wedding day were from the venue itself…but Sy stepped in and helped us navigate through it. I honestly don’t know how he manages but even when he was MC’ing and we said English only is fine, he noticed some confusion with guests and was easily able to switch languages, cater respectfully, professionally and those little details can make the biggest difference in your night."

Claud D


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IMPORTANT INFORMATION Event Weddings is a One Stop Shop specialising in All-In-One wedding packages. Minimum spending may apply generally or on a case-by-case basis which may depend on the date and time of day/week/year, proximity to event date and other factors. This page provides general information only and no guarantees are made about service availability.

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