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Event Weddings supplies professional Marriage Celebrant services in Sydney. Based on your package, we can help you complete all your paperwork as required by law, write a customised wedding script to reflect who you are in an interesting and interactive way. Multilingual support (Chinese Cantonese & Mandarin) are standard inclusions. Sound system with microphone and music is also included. Express service available as required. Celebrant Service service may potentially be provided as a stand-alone service from packages on a case by case basis. Inquire using the Whatsapp icon or Contact Us to find out if we can do this for you!

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Service Information

We provide one of Sydney's most highly sought after celebrant & ceremony hosting services. Find out what sets us apart:

As standard, the following is included for our marriage celebrant services:

1. Completion of Marriage Paperwork (including lodgment of Notice of Intended Marriage (may be charged separately in some instances); Wedding Day Form 15 Marriage Certificate; Customised Wedding Script (excluding simple ceremonies and visa-compliant ceremonies) ; 

2. Multilingual Support as standard;

3. On-site wedding day interactive hosting;

4. Ceremony vow samples; and Sound system with music. 

5. Express Service also available on request.

Above inclusions serve as a guide only and final details subject to inclusions on contract/agreement.

The marriage process is stipulated by the Marriage Act 1961. The service we provide is under Civil Marriage Celebrant provisions. Details below is our internal general guide that satisfy almost all weddings that we plan:

(1) Celebrant's Interview: During the celebrant's interview, you need to satisfy the celebrant that you are (a) of legal age to be married; (b) no one is forcing you to be married; (c) you are not currently married to someone else; (d) you are not prohibited relatives; (e) you do not believe there are any legal impediments that may prevent you from getting married in Australia.

(2) Completion of Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM): In Australia you cannot just get married whenever you want, but you must inform the government that you are intending to get married. Generally this document must be received by a celebrant at least one month from the wedding day.

(3) Completion of Declaration of Non-Impediment to Marriage: Prior to the marriage ceremony, you must sign this document effectively confirming that your circumstances since you signed the NOIM has not changed.

(4) Marriage Ceremony: A marriage ceremony is to be conducted in accordance to the stipulations of the Marriage Act. During the ceremony there must be the authorised celebrant, the couple getting married as well as two 18+ witnesses. The witnesses can be related to the couple. A legal vow must also be read by the couple.

(5) Signing of Papers: Immediately after the ceremony concludes, the couple is to sign 3 marriage certificates: Two is for the celebrant and government; and one the couple can keep called the Form 15 Certificate. Form 15 is generally not officially recognised. 

(6) Post-Ceremony: After the ceremony, either the celebrant or couple can request for a copy of the official registered version of the certificate for an extra fee stipulated by the NSW Government. The marriage will then be registered officially by the Department of Births Deaths and Marriages with the following two weeks. A Marriage registration number will be provided to the couple.

If you're looking forward to see us for an initial celebrant's interview, here are some important things that we'd like you to prepare:

(1) Complete Pre-Interview Questionnaire: If we haven't sent one to you yet, request for a copy of the Pre-Interview Questionnaire and complete this before the meeting.

(2) Bring IDs: Please bring your Passport AND Drivers Licence / State Photo ID
* If you cannot bring them on the day, photos or numbers are sufficient for the time being, but we will have to see the actual document some time before the wedding day, otherwise you cannot marry.
* The above documents are best practice, other documents may be acceptable. Inquire with your celebrant if you have problems with providing these documents and we can advise on what other documents may be suitable.
* If your passport recently expired, that's OK. This is only for ID purposes. But double check with us about when it expired.

(3) Important Considerations: Think about how you might want the ceremony to be conducted, and what might be most important to you

IMPORTANT: If you have been married before, you will have to satisfy the celebrant that the previous marriage has ended and that you are not currently married. Inquire with the celebrant prior to this meeting to find out what documents may be required.

Our Specialty

If you're looking at organising one of our specialty weddings types, you're at the right place! If your wedding type is not listed, chat to us and we'll see whether are are the right match, or we can point you to the right direction!

If you are planning a wedding day with a civil ceremony at a park or any other indoor or outdoor venue and you're expecting around 40-200 guests, this is in most cases generally considered a standard / traditional wedding. In a traditional ceremony, normally parent(s) will walk the bride down the aisle followed by a full ceremony with a script that expresses who you are and your love story. Next there is the exchange of vows and rings, and then the signing of papers with a recessional at the end. 


If you are planning a simple wedding with 10-30 guests that includes a small private ceremony potentially combined with a small private reception, this is in most cases generally considered a microwedding / elopement. There are various reasons to host a microwedding, but in any case these weddings are planned as more intimate, personal and private affairs. These events are generally more flexible than traditional/standard weddings and can be planned in a much shorter timeframe, and are generally more casual and relaxed.


There can be many reasons for wanting to get married quickly. We offer express weddings that can take place faster than registry weddings where you can get married in 31 days or less.

Our ceremonies can be conducted in English, as well as Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin). Whether you want a word for word translation of everything said, or an abridged version for non-English speaking guests to feel welcome, we can cater for your requests. However generally we require the legal component to be conducted in English. In some cases, couples may include traditional ceremonies such as the tea ceremony as part of the ceremony itself.

All our wedding ceremonies are compliant to the requirements of Australian marriage law and Australian marriages are widely recognised around the world. We specialise in visa-compliant weddings where the legal processes are important to satisfy the requirements of any government  departments. Additional effort is put into ensuring that records of the legal process are maintained, and that paperwork is lodged and completed very quickly beyond the requirements of the law.

Our visa-compliant ceremonies are superior and more comprehensive.

1 Authorised Celebrant Interview in 48 hours or less
Upon inquiry, we can help you organise a celebrant interview within 48 hours or less. In many cases, simple ceremony services do not include an initial interview, however this is important to ensure that the requirements under the relevant legislations are met, and they know what documents are required. This ensures that there is no unduly delay the process.

2 Completion of Notice of Intended Marriage
We will assist you properly complete the important Notice of Intended Marriage which must be lodged with the celebrant at least one month fro mthe wedding day.

3 JP Signed Letter of NOIM Lodgement
At completion of the Notice of Intended Marriage, a signed letter from a JP will be given to the couple confirming that the NOIM has been lodged with a celebrant

4 Official Marriage Ceremony in 31 days or less
A month after the wedding day (30 or 31 days as the case may be), the official marriage ceremony will be held. The couple has to be present with the celebrant along with two witnesses over the age of 18.

5 Official Form 15 Marriage Certificate
At the conclusion of the ceremony, a Form 15 certificate will be released to the couple as a record. However, this document is generally not recognised by government authorities.

6 Express Lodgment Advice in 30 minutes
Within 30min of the ceremony, express lodgment will take place. * The law requires for lodgment to take place within 14 days.

7 Express Application for Registered Certificate
At the same time, an application for a registered will also be made within 30 minutes. 
* Celebrants can make applications for registered certificates within 2 months from the marriage

8 JP Signed Letter of Completion of Ceremony
A second signed letter from a Justice of the Peace will confirm that a ceremony has been conducted and that the marriage certificates have been signed and lodged with the relevant department.

9 Full Ceremony Video Recording 
On request, a full recording of the ceremony will be delivered on the same day

Our team is equipped to host Christian ceremonies under Civil Ceremony procedures that reflect the traditions of a church ceremony which may include sharing of bible passages, a message that reflects a Christian marriage, prayer and even worship, communion and candle-lighting ceremonies. Our Christian style ceremonies is most popular in situations where a pastor cannot officiate the ceremony outside of the church building or network, or for any other reason that the pastor cannot officiate; or in situations where a pastor may share a message and we conduct the officiating. 

If you have already been married, and want to host a non-legal ceremony, vow renewal or a commitment ceremony, this is a popular service that we provide. These types of ceremony run very similarly to a official legal ceremony just without the legal components. However for you to remember this day, a commitment certificate may also be supplied on request to be signed at the ceremony.

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